To Charge or not to Charge: That is the Question. Or is it?

The 9/11 Museum which will open this week in New York is generating controversy and outrage from 9/11 victims’  families about its high entrance fee, over-priced souvenirs, and the fact that it houses the remains of unidentified victims. This  raises many questions about museums and ethics, as well as history and public access. Should there be a charge to visit a grave site that has public interest and historic significance? Should anyone profit from a tragedy, especially such a historic and far-reaching one? I say no. Should museums with nationally historical significance be funded by the government and not have to rely on raising their own monies? Shouldn’t history be accessible and available to all? I say yes. What do you believe? Read article below and discuss.–abc-news-topstories.html?vp=1



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