The Power of an Image. The Power of Music. The Power of a Tale.

Madame Butterfly is one of my favorite operas. There is something so gut-wrenchingly sad about the tale, and the music is simply gorgeous. This picture–particularly the image of the child–also reminds me of its themes of Orientalism and Western racism and invasion, symbolized on the body of Butterfly. Yet, it is still a story of unrequited love in the end. Alas, poor Butterfly.

For more info:

The suicide scene, with non-Japanese doll. Elizabeth Wolff and Corinne Malvern in the production of an English-language Madame Butterfly by Henry Savage’s English Grand Opera Company, at the Garden Theatre in New York City, 1907.— (Accessed October 11, 2014).   madame-butterfly-wolff-malvern


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