Cultural History, all you need to know folks.

So, in graduate history school you learn pretty quickly that there are many subfields of history–mainly around subject and methodology– and you MUST, and I mean MUST, relegate yourself to one. (The new generation seem to be fighting this, and I personally have had many battles about this–especially during the writing and defense of my Master’s thesis) This is quite tricky, however, as all historians, and self-admittedly by-the-way, know that their work crosses over many subfields, disciplines, subject matter, etc. The more I learn about one subfield, cultural history, the more I like. And, this is a complete surprise! I think it’s mainly the art historian in me that likes the attention to representation and primary sources that are not solely literature. Here is a paper I am turning in today to a research methods class on cultural history. Oh, enjoy!1751-HogarthThefirststageofcrueltyEngravingLondonEveningPostnocopyrightcVicknairAlexandraCulturalHistory 500


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