Post-Election  (Dark Into Light) 11-9-2016

After the shock and denial, came acceptance.

I realized I will not be ruled by fear nor hate.

Those are the tools of the weak and blind.

Those are their tools.

I’ve always pitied him and those that supported him,

Because they are so sad and scared.

But I will not hate them, nor him.

He will rue the day he ran and those that voted

For him will end up hating him more than we do.

Because that is all they have, hate.


A leader is not a position, it is a state of mind

One cannot lead without the support

And respect of the people.

A laughingstock will only be laughed at.

Do not believe he has the support of the majority,

He does not.

We must be strong, we have the brains

and we have the numbers.

Two million difference in CA and NY alone!

Don’t think this reflects humanity at all.

Or even America.


If I know anything from history, it is that all

Eventually comes to a balance.

And, that out of darkness comes great light.

Always two steps up and one behind.

Radicalism never survives. Never.

And conservativism is always on the losing side

As time marches over it.

This election shows fear of a

Certain way of life dying.

A last gasp.

Believe that.

It is the beginning of the end for them.


In two years, we will get both houses

and surge ahead.

Right any mess that occurred.

And in twelve, they will take over again.

The universal flow seeks balance.

One man and four years are mere blips

in the great scheme of things.

We live in a global world now,

and the forces of the world

Are bigger and stronger than one

Pathetic, egotistic, racist misogynist.


Be strong, and keep fighting.

Do not let hate seep into your heart.

The world is diverse and loving

And not built on fear.

History shows it tears down those

Whose hubris is too

Big for the eternal forces of nature.

No matter what, still believe in America

And its government.

Believe in your fellow man

and Americans.

Feel sorry for those that voted for him.

They will be more disappointed in the long run

than you right now.

The founding fathers made a great system

with check and balances and trust in that.

Now more than ever.


It is not their America, nor his, but ours.

Look to the youth.

He does not reflect them.

Do not let your love for your fellow man die.

Nor the hope of a better world full

Of love and acceptance and human rights for all.

Then, hate truly will have won.

And, I am not convinced at all that it did.



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