Goodbye, Johnny.

I always thought of you with nothing but fondness Johnny Igaz. You were a kind and warm, welcoming soul (if not something of a character!) even back in middle school and I remember vividly how you would make everyone laugh. I wished I had known you better, we’re all so awkward growing up—struggling to find our own paths.

I saw your Facebook page a couple of years ago and I wanted to message, but didn’t…and that will always be something I regret. You looked like you really had come into your own and were authentically living your passions surrounded by wonderful people, and I wanted to tell you that. I only now discovered your music as Nackt and, can I tell you, it’s absolutely beautiful. Soul-touching. Thank you for sharing your amazing talents with the world, leaving us your beauty and creativity. I wish I could have seen you spin!

You have inspired me to re-connect with those in my past, especially fellow Alameda kin, who shared life experiences. I realize now growing up together in the Bay makes people family. You also planted a seed in me to stop being a “closet creative” and share my talents with others. That’s what life is all about, right? Lastly, I hope you are (I know you are) witnessing the outpouring of love you’ve generated. Did you know you touched so many people, like ripples on a vast ocean? It’s a reminder to us all that we all impress upon people all throughout our lives, whether we realize it or not. So, why not be a beacon of love, warmth, kindness, support, positivity and spread some happiness and light? Thank you, Johnny, thank you.


John N. Igaz 12/24/1981-12/2/2016

“And when the earth shall claim your limbs, then shall you truly dance.”—Kahil Gibran



Music <3:






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