2016, goodbye. 2017, hello.

Oh, the lessons learned.
Only from darkness can we learn true
Beauty only exists because ugliness exists.
Happiness–only because of sadness.
Two sides of a coin.
We are all the same.
All is all.
There are no real differences.

All my beautiful light-bearing souls,
do not be afraid.
Do not place expectations on 2017.
Make no resolutions except this:
Turn your light up!
If even one more notch, our light combined
can outshine any dark.
Light shall overcome.

This means being true to yourself and your dreams.
Being kind to strangers, all creatures, especially
Those different from you.
Learn, learn, and learn some more
and then share your knowledge and beauty
with the world.
Try to understand and see where others
are coming from.
Listen to people’s stories.
Connect, really connect.
Compliment people.
Help people.
The smallest deeds send ripples.

Do not buy into fear, there is nothing to fear.
All is an illusion.
All is cycles, all comes and goes.

Work on yourself, love yourself.
Be kind to yourself.
Then extend that love outward to
all you come across.
I wish all more love, more hugs, joy and good health
in 2017.
Let’s all try to laugh and dance more in 2017.


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